Frequently asked questions

What is e-currency?

These are e-account based payment system where you can store value in U.S dollars and Euro and transfer payments to others and receive payments from others. they are usually safe, reliable and confidential. Payments are irrevocable (meaning they cannot be reversed). In just minutes, you can send and receive payments from anyone, anywhere on the globe!

How to contact Exchanger?

You can send us an e-mail : Click here to fill the web form contact system . Time:8am - 6pm Mon - Sat.

How long will it take for my order Exchange to be done?

We treat order within minutes. Orders are processed within 5minutes.

who will bear the chargers of e-currency fees ?

The sender will bear the fee

Does give out my details?

No. Don't worry. We never ever give out your details to third parties.

Any reward for inviting new customer?

We pay you up to 10% of order made by customers you invite.